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Your phone is gone. As you wake on the second day of your camping trip, you can't find it anywhere. Already feeling like a part of you is missing, you embark on a journey to retrieve what belongs to you.

There are sacrifices to be made on your path. How much are you willing to surrender?

This game was made in two days by a team of four during the Ubisoft Game Jam 2020:

  • Stefanie Enge: Narrative Design, Programming
  • David Schornsheim / pepper-mint-audio:  Audio, Programming
  • Adam: Level Design, Programming
  • Helmut Ofori: 3D Art


Sacrifice v1.1 Windows 161 MB
Sacrifice v1.1 macOS 164 MB
Sacrifice v1.1 Linux 168 MB
Sacrifice v1.0 Windows (Original Game Jam Version) 130 MB

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