A downloadable soundtrack

The original soundtrack of the fan adventure "Return of the Tentacle" (https://catmic.itch.io/return-of-the-tentacle) composed by David Schornsheim. Based on themes by Michael Z. Land, Peter McConnell and Clint Bajakian.


1. Overture
2. Wow Is That a Cow? (Credits-Intro)
3. Purple Letter
4. Getting Started
5. Meet Dr. Fred
6. A Time-Traveling Washing Machine
7. Exploring the Mansion
8. Hit the Hamster
9. Team Tentacle
10. The Hamster Experiment
11. Back to the Past
12. Weird Ed Edison
13. Super-Duper-Glue
14. Moonlight Mummy
15. Next Stop: Present
16. Take on the World
17. Is That Part Of Your Plan?
18. Credits


Return-of-the-Tentacle-OST-MP3.zip 63 MB
Return-of-the-Tentacle-OST-OGG.zip 56 MB
Return-of-the-Tentacle-OST-FLAC.zip 152 MB
Return-of-the-Tentacle-OST-WAV.zip 300 MB


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Me esta encantando!!!! God Job!!!!

I've just played this first part of the game ROTT and I have nothing to say but GREAT GREAT GREAT. Congrats and I encourage you to continue this project. Just do it legaly because you could find problems at the end of your job.